Here’s a list of games (621) available to play at the cafe (last updated Sep 24, 2017):

1001 6 nimmt 8. 28
5 minute Empire 7 Ronin
A la Carte Alcatraz The Scapegoat AquaSphere
Abalone Alchemist Arkham Horror
Ablaze Alchemist Academy Artifacts Inc.
Above and Below Alhambra Asara
Abracada What? Alien Frontier Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn
Acquire Analyze Me At the gates of loyang
Adventurers of Horus Android Netrunner Avalon
Aeroplanes Anicent Terrible Things Awkward Moment At Work
Agricola Anomia Aztack
Agricola : All creatures big and small Antidote
Airlines Europe Apples to Apples
Balderdash Refresh Biblios Braintopia
Banana Bandits Bioshock Infinite Brass
Bananagram Black Fleet Brave Rats
Bang the Bullet Bling bling Gem Stone Bravest Warriors Coop Dice Game
Bang the Dice Game Blokus (new) Bremerhaven
Barbarossa Blokus Trigon Bring out yer Dead
Barbeque Party Blood Rage Brix
Battle of the Sexes Blueprints Bruges
Battle Sheep Blurble Volume 1 Bubblee Pop
Battlelore 2nd Ed. Bohnanza Bucket King 3D
Battleship Bora Bora Bugs
Bears! Boss Monster Bugs in the Kitchen
Beasty Bar Boss Monster 2 Bunny Bunny Moose Moose
Belfort Boss Monster Tools of Hero Kind Bunny Kingdom
Betrayal at House on the Hill Boxers or Briefs
Cacao Cheating Moth Codenames: Pictures
Camel Up Cheaty Mages Colt Express
Campy Creatures Cheesonomic Colt Express Ext. Horses & Stagecoach
Can’t Stop Chess Compounded
Carcassonne Chinatown Compounded: Chemical Chaos Exp
Cards Against Humanity Chinese Checkers Compounded: Geiger Expansion
Cargo Noir Chromino Concept
Cash ‘N Guns Citadels Connect 4
Cash ‘N Guns 2nd Ed. City of Horror Cosmic Encounter
Castle Flutterstone City Square Off Coup
Castle Panic Clank Coup Rebellion
Castle Panic : Wizard’s Tower Cloud 9 Coup Reformation 2nd Ed.
Castles of Burgundy Clue Covert
Castles of Mad King Ludwig CO2 Game Crab Stack
Catacombs Cobra Twist Cranium
Catan: Settler of Catan 5th Ed. Cockroach Poker Creative Clash
Catch a Falling Star Cockroach Salad Custom Heroes
Caverna Code 777 _ 30th anniversary ed. Cutthroat Caverns
Caylus Codenames CV
Celestia Codenames Duet
Chang Cheng Codenames: Deep Undercover
D&D Lords of Waterdeep Dead of Winter Desperados of Dice Town
Dark Darker Darkest Dead Panic Dilbert: Escape from Cubeville
DC Comics Deck Building Game Deadwood Studios USA Dohdles
DC Comics Deck Building Game Heroes Unite Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Double Feature
De.Vulgari Gloquentia Descent : 2nd Ed. Draconis Invasion
Eight Minute Empire Epic Pvp Fantasy Evil Baby Orphanage
El Dorado Epic Resort Evil Intent
Elder Sign Epic Spell War II: Rumble at Castle Tentakill Exploding Kittens
Eldritch Horror Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards Exploding Kittens: Imploding Kittens
Emergence Escape the curse of the temple Exploding Kittenss NSFW edition
Enigma Escape Zombie City
Epic Card Game Base Set Euphrates & Tigris
Face Chase Flash Point Fire Rescue Forbidden Island
Fairy Tale (zman) Flick’em Up Foreclosed
Family Business Flip City Formula D
Family Feud: After Hours Flock Friday
Fantastic Gymastics Fluxx Frist Train to Nuremberg
Fearsome Floors Fluxx The Board Game Fruit Salad
Fields of Arle Food Fighters Funemployed
Five Tribes For Sale Standard Box
Flash Point : Extreme Danger Forbidden Desert
Gaia Ghost Stories Good Cop Bad Cop Undercover
Galaxy Trucker Glass Road Grand Austria Hotel
Game of Thrones Board Game Gobblestones Gravwell
Geistes Blitz 5vor12 Goblins Inc. Grid Stone
Get Bit Deluxe Going Going GONE Gubs
Ghooost! Gold Ahoy! Guess the Mess
Ghost Blitz Gone fishin’ Game Guess Who? Game
Ghost Blitz 2.0 Good Cop Bad Cop Guillotine
Ghost Blitz Spooky Doo Good Cop Bad Cop Bombers and Traitors
Hanabi Hike Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft
Handmade Wonders Hive Hop!
happy salmon Hive : Ladybug Expansion Hostage Negotiator
Headbanz for Adults Hive : Mosquito Expansion Hotel Samoa
Heroes Wanted Hive: Pillbug Hotel Tycoon
Hey, That’s my Fish! Hocus Humpty Dumpty’s Wall Game
High Noon Saloon Hold Your Breath! Hungry Hungry Hipppos
Ice Cool Imhotep Innovations (Iello)
ifs & Butts Imperial Settlers Isla Dorada
ifs and butts Incan Gold Isle of Monsters
Iknow International Indigo Istanbul
I’m the boss Ingenious Mass Market ed.
Imaginiff Inkognito
Jaipur Jolly Roger Jungle Speed : Raving Rabbit Ed.
Jamaica Joomba! Junta
Jenga Jungle Speed
Kabuki Khet Laser 2.0 Kingdomino
Kalimambo Killer Bunnies Quest Blue Starter Kingsburg
Kalua King of New York Kittens in a Blender
Kamisado King of Tokyo Kodama
Karma King of Tokyo : Halloween Kulami
Kerplunk King of Tokyo power up
Keyflower Kingdom Builder
La Boca Letter Tycoon Lost Cities Board Game
Lady Alice Lexigo Rush Lost in R’lyeh
Lanterns: The Harvest Festival Lifeboats Lost Legacy : Flying Garden
Last Night on Earth Lift it! Deluxe Lost Legacy the Starship
Last Will Lift Off! get me off this planet Lost Legacy: Vorpal Sword & Whitegold Spire
Le Havre Lochness Love Letter
Le Havre The Inland Port Loot Love Letter Premium edition
Leaps and Ledges Lords of Xidit Lovecraft Letter
legends of Andor Lost Cities : Card Game
Machi Koro Merchant of Venus More Kittens in a Blender
Machi Koro Birght Lights Big City Merchants & Marauders Morels
Machi Koro Harbor Expansion Metro Mouse Trap
Machi Koro Millionare’s Row Mice & Mystics Moustache Smash
Madame Ching Midnight Taboo Mr. Jack
Magic Labyrinth Mines of Zavandor Mr. Jack in New York
Magic Maze Mission Red Planet Mr. Jack Pocket
Magician’s Kitchen Mod X Munchkin card game
Marvel Avengers vs. X_Men dice Masters Starter Set Modern Art My First Stone Age
Marvel Legendary DBG monkey in a barrel Mysterium
mascarade Monopoly Mystic Vale
Mascarade Expansion Monopoly Deal Mystic Vale: Vale of Magic
Meeple War Monster Factory Mystic Vale: Vale of the Wild
Mega Man the Board Game Monster My Neighbor
Memoir’44 Mord in arosa
Nations New Salem Noah
Nefarious New York 1901 Northwind
Neuroshima hex! Nexus Ops Nothing Personal
Never have I ever Niagara Nuts
Nevermore Ninja vs. Ninja
New Haven No Thanks!
One Night Revolution Onirim Orphan Black
One Night Ultimate Werewolf Operation Out Gears
One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak Orleans Out of Gears
Pagoda Pick a Dog Pirate versus pirate
Panda Head Pick a Pig Pix
Pandante _ First Edition Pick a Polar Bear Plague Inc.
Pandemic Pick a Seal Polterfass
Pandemic : The Cure Pick ‘n’ Choose Poo the Card game
Pandemic Contagion Pick_omino Portal the uncooperative cake acquisition Game
Parade Pictionary Potion Explosion
Patchwork Pie Face Power grid
Pengoloo Pie Factory Priates of the 7 Seas
Penny Arcade The game Gamers vs Evil Pig 10 Primordial soup
Personally Incorrect Pina Pirata Prophecy
Personally Incorrect Expansion Pinocchio Puerto Rico
Phantom society Pipeline
Quadropolis Quarriors! Dice Building Game Quelf
Quarantine Quartex
Ra (Rio Grande Games) Riff Raff roll for the galaxy
Race for the Galaxy Ring it Rondo
Raise your Goblets River Dragons Room 25
Rattle Battle Grab the Loot Rivet Wars : Eastern Front Rowboat
Realm of Wonder roar a saurus Rum & Bones
Red Dragon Inn Robinson crusoe _ adventures on the curesd island Rummikub
Relationship Tightrope Roborally Ruse and Bruise
Relic Runners Rock the Beat Russian Railroad
Rialto Roll for it Red Edition Ryu
Saboteur (New) Mayfair Ed. Seven Wonders Smart Ass the Board Game
Saboteur 2 (New) Mayfair Ed. Seven Wonders Duel Smiley Face
Saboteur Duel Seven Wonders: Wonder pack snakes and Ladders
Safranito Shadow Hunter Snow Tails
Sagrada Shadows over camelot Sorry
Salmon Run Shear panic Spin Monkeys
Samurai Spirit Sheriff of Notthigham Spyfall
Samurai Sword Shiba Inn House Stack Market
Santorini Shinobi Watahh Stackcabees
Save Doctor Lucky Shipyard Staxis
Scattergories Shogun Superfight
Scopa Shokoba Survive: Space Attack!
Scotland Yard Skulldug! Sushi Dice
Scrabble Sky Tango Sushi Go Party
Scythe Skyline Sushi Go Tin
Seasons Skyline 3000 Sushi! (aka Wasabi)
Sentient Skyliners Suspend
Sentinels of the multiverse Small world
Set Small World Underground
Taboo The Great Chili Cookoff Ticket to Ride the Card Game
Taboo Refresh The Grizzled Tiger Stripes
Taj Mahal The Little Prince: Rising to the stars Tikal
Takenoko The Logo Board Game Tikal II
Takenoko Chibis Exp. The Networks Timeline Challenge
Talat The Piggyback Brigade Timeline Invention
Tapple The pillars of the earth Tiny Epic Galaxies
Tash Kalar: Everfrost Exp The resistance Tokaido
Tash_Kalar: Arena of Legends The voyages of Marco Polo Top Dogs
Taverna The walking dead Top This! A Pizza Flicking Game
Telestration After Dark The Walking Dead : The Best Defense Traders of Osaka
Telestrations 12 player Party Pack The walking dead _ TV Tragedy Looper
Terra Mystica The Walking Dead Don’t Look Back Trains
Terror in Meeple City The Walking Dead Woodbury Expansion True Colors
That’s a Question The World Needs a Jetpack Unicorn Truth be Told
The builders: Middle Ages Thunder Alley Tsuro of the Seas
The Capitals Tichu Tsuro: Game of the Path
The Club Ticket to Ride Twilight Struggle
The Downfall of Pompeii Ticket to Ride : The Card Game Tzolk’in: the mayan calendra
The Gnomes of Zavandor Ticket to Ride Europe
The Golden City Ticket to Ride Marklin
Ubongo Duel Unearth Urbania Progress Profit Power!
Ubongo extreme Unexploded Cow Deluxe Urbion
Uchronia Unfair
Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe Edition Uno
Valeria Card Kingdom Vikings VivaJava The Dice Game
Vampires of the Night Vikings on Board Voluspa: Core Game
Vault Wars Vinhos VS System: Marvel Set
Vegas Showdown Viral
Waka Tanka Werewolves of Millers Hollow: Word on the Street
Walk the Plank! What the Face? Word Slam
Warehouse 51 Whistle Stop Worm up!
We Detectives Who Stole the Cookie? Would you Rathe the board game
Welcome to the Dungeon Wits & Wagers
Yardmaster Yeti
Yesss! Yokohama
Zip! Zombicide: Angry Neighbors Zombies!!!
Zombicide Zombicide: Rue Morgue Zooloretto
Zombicide Prison Outbreak Zombie 15′ Zooloretto The Dice Game
Zombicide toxic city mall Zombies Keep Out